The End.


This will be my last post – I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has followed, read, emailed and commented. Your support has been more influential than you probably realised and proves beyond doubt the power of the kindness of strangers.

My best wishes to you all

Jo xx


About jojoplural

I am in my late 20s, I am training to become a general nurse and have a recently discovered motivation for travelling. My life has improved enormously over the past month or so and opened many many doors for these improvements and travels to continue. I am planning to blog about said improvements with some blogging about the states I have got myself in and the roads that have led me where I am today. Subject digressions may include music, books, rants, work, friendship, failures, family, smoking quit attempts, ponderings, procrastinations and my aptitude for general stupidity. PLEASE NOTE that there are lashings of poetic licence used to protect my own and other's confidentiality, including but not limited to false names, locations, times, employment and other er...stuff.

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